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New Album

The Vintage Babies

Vintage Babies is the title of the collaborative album and supergroup created by Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and MC, Maimouna Youssef aka Mumu Fresh and producer, Dj, and musical director Dj Dummy The Genius collectively known as The Vintage Babies. The Vintage Babies’ album consists of 17 soul and hip-hop headbangers and features musical greats like Grammy & Oscar award winning Common.


Shine Your Light - The Vintage Babies

Vintage Babies is a revival of the Soul, Funk, & Gospel sounds that Hip hop was founded on. With Production by Dj Dummy and Vocals and songwriting by Maimouna Youssef aka Mumu Fresh, this album is a unique and unforgettable experience.


An excellent collection of unfalteringly warm and expressive hip-hop soul cuts that also has a savory protest-music fell to it that neatly ties everything together. Standout pieces include a sunlit, island soul number called “Run Away, a nostalgic rhyme piece called “Work In Progress” that doesn’t shy from recalling bitter memories along with the sweet, the beautifully chill lead single “Shine Your Light“, an electric-poetic sketch called “Never Lie To You” (featuring Chicago rap god Common and a finely chopped sample from Herbie Hancock), and my personal favorite, a sharply honest -and funny – study in crossed signals and catching feelings called “Pimp Down”.


Along the way Maimouna Youssef shows off her soulful and infectious vocal prowess, providing something old school sounding with a refreshing appeal throughout. She showcases her impeccable abilities behind the mic, doing so with some incredible instrumentals to back her up. The project also features the likes of Sir, Irving Washington, Common and more, who add a nice depth to the album in the process. This is certainly nothing to sleep on and definitely worth your time and effort.


It is said that people will forget what you said and even what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel. Enter @MUMUFRESH & @DJDummy AkA @TheVINTAGEBABIES bringing you ancestral rhythms, church claps and that boom bap. 17 Tracks that somehow manage to make you wine your waist, break into a praise dance, fall in love then start a revolution. Vintage Babies have mastered the art of Nostalgia with new music that feels like then and now


Great music just in time for the weekend from @maimounayoussef & @IMDJDUMMY Thx for @thevintagebabie